Villa Insulinde
Villa Insulinde, R.J. Schimmelpennincklaan 3. Photo: Michiel1972 / CC

The rehousing of evacuees was coordinated from this office building

This spot is on the dividing line between the part of the Zorgvliet development that was demolished and a section that survived.

In March 1941, a German-style state radio was launched in the Netherlands. It was called the ‘Nederlandsche Omroep’. On 1 April it began broadcasting its own news service, the ‘Berichtendienst Nederlandschen Omroep’. This usurped the functions of the pre-war news agency called the Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau or ANP. Villa Insulinde (R.J. Schimmelpennincklaan 3), a combined residential and office property built in 1915-1917, was requisitioned to accommodate it.

When the German occupation authorities began the construction of the Atlantic Wall and large parts of the coastal zone of The Hague and South-Holland were cleared of their populations, the radio news service moved to Hilversum. Villa Insulinde then became the offices of the regional evacuation service for South-Holland, which was responsible for rehousing the evacuees.  

After the liberation, the return of the evacuees was also coordinated from this building. 

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